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Enjoy the Sweet Life!!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about my story.

My name is Dana, and I am the owner and founder of The Sweet Life Boutique.

I am so happy to have you here!

 I'm here to say, I’m not obsessed with clothing. I’m not a fashionista. I live in leggings and comfy clothes. I don’t care about most trends.

I love black and I’m unsure why any other colors exist besides blue jeans 😂 And yes, I’m a “boutique” owner. 


What I’m PASSIONATE about is how the right piece of clothing, made for a woman’s body type, and a closet full of clothes that FIT her make getting dressed fun and easy and help her feel confident! I’m obsessed with breaking the rules women put on themselves for what they “can and can’t” wear and punching lies about their body in the face. Because at the end of the day, confidence is the most gorgeous thing you could ever wear and confidence is the thing that will launch you into your gifts and purpose!


I didn’t start my business so I could be the next big boutique with 7000 clothing items with crappy material, clothing sizes that are made for children or cheap accessories. I started it to fill in the gap and be a place for women to find their staples, and go to pieces and items that fit their lifestyle. I believe comfort and chic can cohabitate and that leggings are 10000% pants. I believe the numbers on clothing mean absolutely nothing and that it’s ok if you are both a medium and a XL or a L and a 2X, because numbers and labels don’t define us and aren’t a grading system of our beauty and worth. 


So that’s what I’m here for and if you are too, come on over 🥰

My Story

I am from Staten Island NY, now currently living in Lakewood Ranch FL.  While living in NY,  I had an amazing career on Wall Street for 27 years, retiring in July of 2019.  In January 2020, with my husband Ken we moved to Florida! 


We wanted to build a life that we didn’t need a vacation from and to enjoy the Sweet Life, it’s been the best decision we ever made!  But,  after being here for only 2 months, the world shut down when Covid hit and I was at a loss of what I would do.  My mind kept busy, thinking what will I do now? I started to think about my dreams and my goals!  


I have always had big goals, and even bigger dreams.  In addition to my career on Wall Street, I have been in direct sales for the last 8 years.  While I love my  jewelry business, I also knew I wanted to add to that.  Bring more fashion into my world as well as yours.  

I have always loved the Boutique shopping experience, and I knew one day I would own my own women's online boutique. So here I am, ready to share with you all the amazing new on-trend fashions.  

Seriously, if there is something you want in life, go out there and make it happen! 

I  look forward to getting to know you and helping style you- Start Here!!!





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